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July 30, 2014 / Bandloverhal

It’s a lie

People are foolish, blind, and desperate. We are born into this world alone the only true bond we have is with our mother. Literally spending 9 (or more) months inside of someone we don’t even know, and yet, we are so connected with them. So why is it that when we get older that we thrive to be independent? Why do we choose to break such a bond to create another with someone we have no clue about? Is it even a real bond? Or is it a lie? If you think about it science “study” love and try to prove its existence. Have they really figured it out? I’m not convinced. It’s all a lie. No one could ever love you like your mother. F$@! Everyone else. They don’t really care. Not unless they really put out the effort. That’s how you get your best friends and significant others. But if they don’t put out the effort, what are they? Hmm? Sounds like a parasite. Try not to catch them.


May 15, 2014 / Bandloverhal

Recent travels

Hello to all of my readers,
Hoping you all have had a wonderful past weekend and almost week. This past weekend was so difficult for my family. Reason of course because my mother passed away this passed January 2014.
At the beginning, I was so strong, but lately, my heart has become heavy, mainly because of the last weekend was approaching. Now that it is past and I am okay, my life is able to continue. Not to mention my wonderful boyfriend and best friend Jess were ready and waiting to cheer me up. I wish I had the strength to thank and love on the other mothers I know out there, but it was too much for me this year. Maybe next year. My hope for the next year is high. I am hoping to have changes and positive ones at that.
Anyways, my past weekend was composed of a lot of walking. Literally. I, as well as two of my three siblings, visited my father in the northeast. We arrived Thursday evening and after experiencing a four our delay on our flight, we got to our hotel with out father and just watched a movie. Pretty chill there. Our Friday, the next day, was composed completely of manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty. Our Saturday was packed with a hike on a small but dangerous mountain and then ended the night with a wonderful Italian BYOB restaurant. On Sunday, however, it was our day to leave. Mother’s Day. I wished that we didn’t leave our father on such a difficult day. People really just don’t understand the pain of losing a soul mate… I’m mainly referring to myself. The thought just terrifies me to my very core. I thought life was scary enough, but now it’s worse… Life is filled with mysteries if only I could get some answers… Before dying.

April 11, 2014 / Bandloverhal

Empty promises

So many random thought going through my brain these days.
For instance, I have realized I care too much about the wrong group of people. What is it about a human that makes you think they are better to be around then others? Is it the promises they keep and the ones they break? Or is it there gender? What if it is their family? I don’t get it. Not to mention, would my results even be valid? Have you ever noticed when hanging out with the people you trust, love and live to please don’t seem to care for you as much as you care for them. I am sure I speak for several people when say things like this. What do I do about it? Nothing. You’re just a nice person. The only advice I can give is to “leave alone” what is making you feel that way.
Nothing like realizing how clingy and desperate you are for affection.


April 7, 2014 / Bandloverhal


Well, these days are always difficult to wake up on. Starting a week you really don’t want too. Unfortunately, I fall into the group that does not like Mondays. When and why do Mondays have to be so horrible, I am sure some people have there own kind of “Mondays”. What really causes us to dislike the day? Is it because we have something planned? Or needed to be done? I am sure there is something. For me, I have many things I want to complete today. I need to ship a book, clean my room and bathroom, and so much more.

Only so much can be done to your car at one time, and I have gotten the oil and air filter changed out, so one of the last things I, personally, can do is wait while people rotate my tires. That is what I am doing, right now I am getting my tires rotated. Anyways, busy days are hard to wake up for. You think you would have more time, but to everyone else they usually want their things done right then. Anyways, I hope everyone gets everything they need done on this somewhat gloomy day. Get some coffee and start your week, we can do it!


April 6, 2014 / Bandloverhal


This past weekend has been happier than most. Thursday, I picked up my dad from the airport and chatted with him on the way home. Then, Friday, I went to work all day. It was pretty busy and my boss sold some big things, which I love because that all helps her in the end. 🙂 On Saturday, I went to HAWT YOGA with my dad and eldest sister. It was pretty fun. After my dad and I sorted through some things that my mom had in her possession and I found my old necklace in Arabic. 🙂 Awesome! I knew it was somewhere safe. Later that day, I spent time with mi Novio. We went on a walk around the mall and then went to the groceries store to get a couple of things and then went out for dinner. We had wonderful Asian food! Yum! After dinner we rented a movie but before watching it, we spent some time with mi novio’s mom, I love her so, she always spoils me. 😀 teehee! So to the movie, it was Wolf of Wall street, eh. I didn’t like all the nudity in it. I feel like it went WAY over board. Anyways, now I just got off work and I am about to watch ONCE UPON A TIME, SO EXCITED!!!!! I love Sundays, they’ve are short workdays and then I get an awesome show to finish my day! Anyways! I need to get ready! I hope you all will join me!


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