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April 6, 2014 / Bandloverhal


This past weekend has been happier than most. Thursday, I picked up my dad from the airport and chatted with him on the way home. Then, Friday, I went to work all day. It was pretty busy and my boss sold some big things, which I love because that all helps her in the end. 🙂 On Saturday, I went to HAWT YOGA with my dad and eldest sister. It was pretty fun. After my dad and I sorted through some things that my mom had in her possession and I found my old necklace in Arabic. 🙂 Awesome! I knew it was somewhere safe. Later that day, I spent time with mi Novio. We went on a walk around the mall and then went to the groceries store to get a couple of things and then went out for dinner. We had wonderful Asian food! Yum! After dinner we rented a movie but before watching it, we spent some time with mi novio’s mom, I love her so, she always spoils me. 😀 teehee! So to the movie, it was Wolf of Wall street, eh. I didn’t like all the nudity in it. I feel like it went WAY over board. Anyways, now I just got off work and I am about to watch ONCE UPON A TIME, SO EXCITED!!!!! I love Sundays, they’ve are short workdays and then I get an awesome show to finish my day! Anyways! I need to get ready! I hope you all will join me!



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