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May 15, 2014 / Bandloverhal

Recent travels

Hello to all of my readers,
Hoping you all have had a wonderful past weekend and almost week. This past weekend was so difficult for my family. Reason of course because my mother passed away this passed January 2014.
At the beginning, I was so strong, but lately, my heart has become heavy, mainly because of the last weekend was approaching. Now that it is past and I am okay, my life is able to continue. Not to mention my wonderful boyfriend and best friend Jess were ready and waiting to cheer me up. I wish I had the strength to thank and love on the other mothers I know out there, but it was too much for me this year. Maybe next year. My hope for the next year is high. I am hoping to have changes and positive ones at that.
Anyways, my past weekend was composed of a lot of walking. Literally. I, as well as two of my three siblings, visited my father in the northeast. We arrived Thursday evening and after experiencing a four our delay on our flight, we got to our hotel with out father and just watched a movie. Pretty chill there. Our Friday, the next day, was composed completely of manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty. Our Saturday was packed with a hike on a small but dangerous mountain and then ended the night with a wonderful Italian BYOB restaurant. On Sunday, however, it was our day to leave. Mother’s Day. I wished that we didn’t leave our father on such a difficult day. People really just don’t understand the pain of losing a soul mate… I’m mainly referring to myself. The thought just terrifies me to my very core. I thought life was scary enough, but now it’s worse… Life is filled with mysteries if only I could get some answers… Before dying.


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