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July 30, 2014 / Bandloverhal

It’s a lie

People are foolish, blind, and desperate. We are born into this world alone the only true bond we have is with our mother. Literally spending 9 (or more) months inside of someone we don’t even know, and yet, we are so connected with them. So why is it that when we get older that we thrive to be independent? Why do we choose to break such a bond to create another with someone we have no clue about? Is it even a real bond? Or is it a lie? If you think about it science “study” love and try to prove its existence. Have they really figured it out? I’m not convinced. It’s all a lie. No one could ever love you like your mother. F$@! Everyone else. They don’t really care. Not unless they really put out the effort. That’s how you get your best friends and significant others. But if they don’t put out the effort, what are they? Hmm? Sounds like a parasite. Try not to catch them.



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