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March 17, 2014 / Bandloverhal


Hey readers,

Where did the time go? We are already half way through with March of 2014. WOW. Well in two weeks, eleven days to be exact, one of my three older sisters will be turning 26. What an “age-limbo”? (<– I am sure I didn’t do that correctly, but oh well!) What do you even get a 26 year old? A car, no. A cell phone, no. A balloon? HA! You can’t get this girl jewelry either because she is engaged. What about shoes, NAh,… This will be a hard year for birthdays.. AYE! Not to mention we will be missing one.. OOOOOOO I just thought of a riddle, it is kind of sad, so don’t hate me… What do you call the same number of birthdays, but not as many people? a loss. No? I didn’t think so. I thought I would try though. ANYWAYS, my real point to this post is to talk about my recent travel.

Last week, I traveled to the wonderful world of Fredericksburg, TX. Where German immigrants journeyed to a FREE world thinking it would be a “new Germany”. Thank goodness that didn’t happen. I like how it is right now.. Anyways, I got a bunch of pictures this trip using my new handey dandey camera. πŸ˜€ Check them out!

DSC_0401 DSC_0442 DSC_0518 DSC_0543 DSC_0563 DSC_0570 DSC_0610 DSC_0622 DSC_0644 DSC_0646 DSC_0844 DSC_0850 DSC_0883 DSC_0885 DSC_0895 DSC_0914 DSC_0923 DSC_0991 DSC_1000 DSC_1012 DSC_1017DSC_1035

I hope you have enjoyed, this was planned to be a very quick post.


March 12, 2014 / Bandloverhal

Already Behind

Hey readers,

I am sorry to be posting in the third month for the first time this year, I am sure everyone is curious about what odd thoughts I have been having lately (probably not really, but I thought it would be fun to say). This year, however, has not started out well for me, nor did the last year end well. Around the end of December my mother was notified she had what is called, ‘walking pneumonia’, she did her best to get rid of it with “at home remedies”, which I mean medicine from the doctor you can take at home. Unfortunately, long story made short, she was admitted into the hospital at the beginning of January in the new year of 2014, and her condition just got worse. She eventually passed away on the 18th of January having overcome the Pneumonia, but something else got her. She was only 57 years old. Event though, for ten years she has been battling Liver’s disease, that was not the only thing. It is unsure of the cause, but what was clear is the liver did not kill my mother alone. SIDE NOTE: For those of you who are reading this, please, take care of yourself. Get regular blood tests and ask questions. If the doctor does not take his time with you, find someone else to care for you. We are not “guinea pigs”. Doctors, surgeons, you name it, are PRACTICING medicine, they have not perfected the method, thus they are not PROFESSIONALS at the tasks. Procedures, illnesses, delivering of a baby etc. in the medical field are changing everyday so they have to keep learning, but that also means they have to keep practicing different methods of handling these changes. ANYWAYS, I digress, my mother passed and no one in my family is happy about it.Β  I know so many women that are 57 and older that are still doing things with their lives. It is very unfortunate to have lost someone like this at an age that, today, is young.

These past three months have been all about adjusting to the change. So far there have been many arguments with how our father is grieving and how some of our extend family has been grieving. For some of them, there is no remark of our mother, and to others there are no remarks at all. Life is difficult, I get that, but loss is worse. There is a constant emptiness I can not refill, a voice I will never hear… As for my three sisters and I, it has not been easy. Luckily, we have come together to hear each others pain and regrets, but we have also been working on our great memories we shared and the lessons we were taught. I know I have said this, but my mother was 57.. I have so many friends that have their parents in their late 60’s… What happened? I always thought my family was overly lucky, but now I can see that we really are the same as everyone else that suffers. I knew one day our luck would run out, I just didn’t think it would be by the loss of our mother.

Cherish every moment you have. Take as many pictures and remember to always tell someone, you love them and you miss them.. You may not feel it now, but you will one day. Better start opening your eyes to reality.


December 11, 2013 / Bandloverhal

In preparation…

So a lot has happened in the last couple of days. My previous post, on Sunday, I discussed what was going though my mind that day and before, well, later that day, my older sister, one of many, became engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so odd. I look at the ring on her finger and I feel like it is just another piece of jewelry her boyfriend has purchased for her, but it isn’t. Thankfully because it has been a couple of days since it happened, it is starting to sink in. Sigh. So much is happening in such a short amount of time. When my sister talks about the engagement, it still seems fictional, but not as much as earlier this week. I tried to think about how I would feel, and I can’t. Is that odd? Maybe it is because I know I won’t be asked for, probably, a very long time…

ANYWAYS, THREE DAYS ‘TIL GRADUATION!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! I have the newly engaged sister helping think of how to decorate my cap. She is pretty creative; however, I think she wants to go over the top… SOoOOOO, a simple design would be okay with me. A little outline here, and a little outline there… Maybe some polka-dots. She also had a great idea to have me wear leopard heels. Hmmm? I think that would be pretty cool. However, how will my feet feel? Hmm? I think they are going to DIE!!! OH WELL! Hahaha! Now, apparently, we are going to dinner after the Graduation, where should we eat? I am thinking RODEO!!!! Even though I am planning on eating there the night before, I love that small business and its food is pretty fresh. πŸ™‚ Well that is all I have for now folks. I hope you enjoyed my crazy random thoughts!



December 8, 2013 / Bandloverhal

Soon to be Graduate

What a weird feeling I have. The feeling of accomplishment, yet, not. I am twenty-three years old, I will soon have a Bachelors of Science, and that is pretty much it. There are the small things like running 6 miles and not training for it, or the being around the world already, but I haven’t done anything… And it is odd because I have this weird sense that my life is over. I guess you could say that I felt this way when I graduated high school, but this time it feels different. I guess because people think the next step is marriage, babies, or your first house. I don’t want that yet. I want to do something great. Plus I never want to stop learning. Everything fascinates me. Technology, guns, peoples minds.. If that combo doesn’t sound creepy enough… I want to travel to Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Russia, Australia, and MORE, yet, I feel like I will never accomplish those things.. Is that odd? Once I hit 40, my body will start deteriorating, I will loose bone and muscle mass. I know if I take care of myself it will be a slower process, but that is only 17 years away… I only have 17 years to do the things I want before it is my duty to provide the world with a child. Not to mention, I would like to give my mother and father a child before they die, I happen to be the youngest child in the family, so if I wait til I am thirty to have children, my parents will be starting their 70s and ending their 60s. That is not a good age to be a grandparent… OF COURSE, if they take care of themselves, but will they? Or will something tragic happen? So many things could happen within the next seven years. I could get married and have a child, or I could work and be alone for that amount of years… Isn’t it odd how unpredictable the future can be. Sometimes I am jealous of the individuals that have gotten to their later ages. How did they handle the mental trauma?

Anyways, I just wanted to share some thoughts.


November 27, 2013 / Bandloverhal


Today is the day before Thanksgiving.

What are you thankful for? Regardless of if you have never had a good time during the holidays, birthday, parties, at work, or in general, you should be thankful you are still alive. Be thankful that you are reading this, because many don’t have a computer, cell phone, or technology in general. Be thankful you have family, because some have tragicy lost friends and family. Be thankful if you have never been assaulted by anyone. Be thankful for the mounds of food you will be eating tomorrow. Be thankful that’s all I ask. If someone asks you, “what are you thankful for?” don’t tell them you don’t know. There is always something. Like where I live, I am thankful for many things, but one of them is that the sun is out today. Don’t be angry or hateful during the holidays, no matter what! We are all human and are prone to make mistakes. So just be thankful and kind.

Other than that, my internship is almost over. Yep, next week is my last few days working with the Police. Wow. What a great 4 months it has been working with these individuals. I am SO thankful to have met each and everyone. They work diligently trying to help their community. I have learned so much these past couple of months and met so many other people and agencies. If there is one thing I will always remember from this internship, it would be if it is raining, there is probably a funeral… Hahaha! That is an inside joke from my internship. However, in all seriousness, I have learned so much there isn’t just one thing I could speak of. I will remember all of it because it was all important information. Thank you PPD.

I suggest to anyone who is reading this and is in college, take on an internship. It is imperative to get some kind of experience.

Best of Luck


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